The Nguyen Family

The Nguyens wanted to get some family photos with their awesome corgi and the cherry blossoms so we planned for a DC outing a couple of weeks ago. It wasn't until I tried and failed to take the Memorial Bridge into DC that I realized how terrible our scheduling was. I'd planned it to avoid the Cherry Blossom Parade but had forgotten all about the marathon! Just a teeny tiny  logistical nightmare to work around, but we got through it all right :-P    

Cherry Blossoms Portraits

The cherry blossoms where in full bloom this past weekend, so Sara and I got up early Saturday morning and headed into DC for a little photo shoot. Saturday was the Cherry Blossom Festival, so naturally DC was packed to the gills with tourists.  After a little bit of scouting we were able to find an area that was somewhat deserted and had some beautiful light. As we started taking pictures, Sara goes, "look there's a couple getting their engagement shots over there." Then I noticed that the photographer taking their pictures was someone who's work I'd just recently started following a couple of weeks earlier! What are the odds!

We were on a roll for about an hour but then had to call it quits and head back to our car before the meter expired. I didn't mind having to stop because right after that Sara and I went to put in an offer for a condo that we both really love! Keeping our fingers crossed that we get it! 

Anyways, here are just but a few of the many great photos we got that morning. Aint she purrdy?!


The Wong Family

Do a search for family portraits on Google and 95% of the resulting images will be of parents with small children. The other 5% will be of extended families to include the grandparents, so I went into this session a little bit nervously given that this was an immediate family with grown children. But all trepidations went right out the window as soon as we started taking pictures and I saw how comfortable they all were with each other and in front of the camera. They actually reminded me a lot of my own family, and not just because they are Peruvian! I think their love for each other really comes through in these shots and I can't go through them without getting a big smile on my face.

Daddy's Girl and Momma's Boy

Classic expression of brotherly love!