Cherry Blossoms Portraits

The cherry blossoms where in full bloom this past weekend, so Sara and I got up early Saturday morning and headed into DC for a little photo shoot. Saturday was the Cherry Blossom Festival, so naturally DC was packed to the gills with tourists.  After a little bit of scouting we were able to find an area that was somewhat deserted and had some beautiful light. As we started taking pictures, Sara goes, "look there's a couple getting their engagement shots over there." Then I noticed that the photographer taking their pictures was someone who's work I'd just recently started following a couple of weeks earlier! What are the odds!

We were on a roll for about an hour but then had to call it quits and head back to our car before the meter expired. I didn't mind having to stop because right after that Sara and I went to put in an offer for a condo that we both really love! Keeping our fingers crossed that we get it! 

Anyways, here are just but a few of the many great photos we got that morning. Aint she purrdy?!


Baby Dalia

This little cutie is Dalia, the daughter of new and proud parents, G and Hatem. Sara and I went over to their place to meet her a couple of weeks ago and G cooked us an awesome Arab style brunch.  All the food was awesome (she's a great cook, that G) and we had a great time just hanging out for the afternoon. Of course we took the opportunity to take a couple of pictures in between all the eating and chatting.

G and Hatem, you guys are both awesome people. I know Dalia will be just as cool as you guys! Congrats!


This was my first attempt at doing headshots. My friend, Dalfa, needed some and asked me if I would do them for him. Up for the challenge, I pulled out three speedlights, set them up in the living room, and got to work. As usual, the hardest part was being able to pull natural expressions out of the subject. 

Lighting setup: Key light on a stand, up & camera right with a shoot-through umbrella. Second light pointed at background. Third light behind and pointed toward subject . Reflector down & camera left for a little fill light.

The Steve Jobs!

The Steve Jobs!

Erica & Brian

I've known Erica since we were in middle school, when we were both a part of the LDC (Landsdowne Crew) (don't ask). She is one of the nicest and most genuine people you could ever meet, and very pretty, to boot.  She's also a kick-ass makeup artist. Check out her awesome work at www.ericabashamua.com.

We shot at the church in Georgetown where they were married, which happened to be Brian's school, and his mom's school before him. After shooting there for a while and learning about all the history his family has with that church we headed down to the canal for a couple more shots before calling it a wrap. Thanks for letting me photograph you, guys. You're a great couple! 


Merry Christmas Eve everyone! 

Ceci & Phil Are Pregnant!

Ceci and Phil were awesome enough to trust me with their wedding photography when I had never shot a wedding before. Like many other firsts in life, nothing quite compares to your first wedding as a photographer. It's an equal parts mixture of nervousness, anxiety, and excitement. I learned a LOT that day and had a great time doing it thanks to these two and how nice and welcoming they were. In a way you could say that it was their trust that got me started in the photography business; doing their wedding gave me the confidence I needed to do this for real. So it goes without saying that I was very excited when Ceci contacted me about doing their pregnancy announcement shoot. Thank you, Ceci and Phil, for letting me be a part of two very special moments in your lives! I'm so happy for you guys!  


Congratulations guys! I can't wait to meet little Phil Jr.