The Nguyen Family

The Nguyens wanted to get some family photos with their awesome corgi and the cherry blossoms so we planned for a DC outing a couple of weeks ago. It wasn't until I tried and failed to take the Memorial Bridge into DC that I realized how terrible our scheduling was. I'd planned it to avoid the Cherry Blossom Parade but had forgotten all about the marathon! Just a teeny tiny  logistical nightmare to work around, but we got through it all right :-P    

Cherry Blossoms Portraits

The cherry blossoms where in full bloom this past weekend, so Sara and I got up early Saturday morning and headed into DC for a little photo shoot. Saturday was the Cherry Blossom Festival, so naturally DC was packed to the gills with tourists.  After a little bit of scouting we were able to find an area that was somewhat deserted and had some beautiful light. As we started taking pictures, Sara goes, "look there's a couple getting their engagement shots over there." Then I noticed that the photographer taking their pictures was someone who's work I'd just recently started following a couple of weeks earlier! What are the odds!

We were on a roll for about an hour but then had to call it quits and head back to our car before the meter expired. I didn't mind having to stop because right after that Sara and I went to put in an offer for a condo that we both really love! Keeping our fingers crossed that we get it! 

Anyways, here are just but a few of the many great photos we got that morning. Aint she purrdy?!


Courtney and Mike's DC Engagement

I had the pleasure of shooting this engagement session for my old friend, Courtney, and her awesome fiance, Mike.  Courtney and Mike were both Peace Corps members who served in South America.  They met once they returned to the U.S. through a local group of Peace Corps veterans.  Courtney quickly caught Mike's eye, although she remained totally unaware of the fact for a while. They were both part of a group that went down to the National Mall for Obama's second inauguration and when Courtney half jokingly mentioned she wished they could get closer, Mike saw his chance and quickly told her that he had two tickets to the reserved area. After the ceremony they went to Ben's Chili Bowl, which they both consider to be the spot of their first date. The rest, as they say, is history. Mike proposed a little more than a year after that at Gravely Point, Courtney's favorite picnic spot!

We began the shoot at Ben's. The outdoor murals provided some cool graphic backdrops, not to mention the fact that Obama was still prominently displayed which symbolized another level of importance for their story.

Courtney & Mike Engagement-1.jpg
Courtney & Mike Engagement-7.jpg

From there we moved on to the National Arboretum.  I had never been to this place in my 18 years of living in the DC area. I really enjoyed this location and we definitely got some great pictures there. Of course it also helps when you have a beautiful and photogenic couple who is completely at ease and natural in front of the camera!  The images practically made themselves.

Courtney & Mike Engagement-20.jpg

The couple wanted to finish up with something that was a little more traditionally representative of DC, so we headed to the Lincoln memorial for the sunset.

Love this one!

The one below is definitely one of my favorites!

Congratulations once again, Courtney and Mike! I can't wait to be a part of your special day next October!

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