Capital Cities

Capital Cities

You know it when you see it

You know it when it’s there

Like Michael Jackson’s Thriller

Like Farrah Fawcett hair

It’s good shit

So goes the hook for Capital Cities’ single, Farrah Fawcett Hair, a song that is quite simply about the good shit in life. I think it’s safe to add Capital Cities’ live performances to that list. From the moment they took the stage at 930 Club to the end of the encore, the L.A. duo, Ryan Merchant and Sebu Simonian (joined on tour by Channing Holmes on drums, Manny Quintero on bass, and Spencer Ludwig on trumpet) were electrifying.  Opening up with Tell Me How to Live (“aint nobody gonna tell me how to live!”) was a great choice and one that set the mood and energy for the remainder of the show. The guys kept at it, intoxicating the crowd every step of the way with their energy as they ran through every song of their single LP.  Standout moments from the set included the duo guiding the crowd through the “Capital Cities Shuffle” during Center Stage, Halloween giveaways (which included things from fabric softener to an Xbox 360 game), a cover of Staying Alive, the fan favorite I Sold My Bed But Not My Stereo, and the opening of the encore with Farrah Fawcett Hair (including one of many kick-ass trumpet solos by Mr. Ludwig). I’m so glad I got to see these guys live and can’t wait for them to roll through DC again.

No interchangeable lens cameras are allowed into 930 Club unless you have a press pass, so I brought my X10 to the show. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get very close, so I was pretty restricted with the angles I could get (and being on the  far right side meant I had more trouble getting good shots of Sebu, who was stage right). All shots are straight out of camera JPEGs, except for the few with black and white conversions.

Spencer Ludwig ripping it on the trumpet.

Sweet lens flare!

Cap Cities-15.jpg

Take a very well deserved bow, gentlemen.

And finally, here is the official Farrah Fawcett Hair video for your viewing pleasure.