Emily & Ted

I had a great time shooting Emily and Ted's engagement session on Veterans Day. I've known Ted for years (I have fond memories of going over to his house and racing our new Tyco RCs we'd just gotten for Christmas back in 96) but shockingly enough had never met Emily. She is awesome and surprised me with how much she knew about photography. Every now and then she would say something that would make me raise my eyebrow until there were enough comments for them all to simply be coincidence. That's when she admitted that she had considered majoring in photography early in her college career. That explained it! It's always nice having someone who understands the dynamics of photography in front of the lens.

Ted and Emily are actually high school sweethearts who have been together for 9 years! Ted finally popped the big question while they were cruising the Caribbean last month.  They are adorable together and I think that really comes through in the pictures. We did the shoot at Manassas National Battlefield at Emily's request. The place was amazing, especially with all the vibrant autumn colors in full effect. Here are some of my favorites. Enjoy.

Are you guys sure you haven't modeled before? If not you should start considering it.

Are you guys sure you haven't modeled before? If not you should start considering it.

Talk about being naturally adorable.

Talk about being naturally adorable.

Emily & Ted Engagement - Low Res-28.jpg
Emily & Ted Engagement - Low Res-32.jpg

Emily brought her special blanket that she got from her grandma. She thought it might be to raggedy, but I thought it was just perfect.

Are you kidding me?!?!

Are you kidding me?!?!

We finished up right next door at The Winery at Bull Run. This was one of the places they looked at when searching for a venue but unfortunately it wasn't big enough.

Emily & Ted Engagement - Low Res-134.jpg

And I finished up by trying out some double exposures. These were all done in camera; no Photoshop here. I think they came out pretty awesome if I do say so myself :-P

Congratulations Emily and Ted! I can't wait to photograph your big day next fall. I know it's going to be a blast!

Alison and Nick's National Harbor & Old Town Engagement

There's no getting around it, stepping in front of a big DSLR is an intimidating act.  From what I've read, even professional models are generally uncomfortable during the early stages of a photo shoot and only start getting in "the zone" after several minutes of awkward posing and interaction with the photographer.  So I was not surprised when I first met up with Alison and Nick and one of the first things they brought up was their concern about being in front of a camera. They told me that they are not photogenic and as a result don't have a lot of pictures of the two of them together. I assured them that they were not alone in this and that virtually everyone feels the same way (the saying "what do I do with my hands?" comes to mind). But I believe that with a bit of time to work through the nerves and a some direction here and there ( do "x, y, or z with your hands") everyone can take good photographs, and Alison and Nick certainly were no exception! 

I think that is one of the main reasons why it is important to schedule an engagement session. Not only does the couple get some great shots to share with their families and friends, but more importantly, they leave with a solid understanding of what it's like to be in front of the camera while getting to know how their photographer works. This in turn leads to a smoother shoot during the wedding which results in more quality photos from the big day. 

But I've gone on for too long now. Without further ado, I present to you Alison and Nick.  It was a pleasure getting to know these two and I'm very excited to be a part of their wedding next summer!   

Congratulations Alison and Nick! 

Courtney and Mike's DC Engagement

I had the pleasure of shooting this engagement session for my old friend, Courtney, and her awesome fiance, Mike.  Courtney and Mike were both Peace Corps members who served in South America.  They met once they returned to the U.S. through a local group of Peace Corps veterans.  Courtney quickly caught Mike's eye, although she remained totally unaware of the fact for a while. They were both part of a group that went down to the National Mall for Obama's second inauguration and when Courtney half jokingly mentioned she wished they could get closer, Mike saw his chance and quickly told her that he had two tickets to the reserved area. After the ceremony they went to Ben's Chili Bowl, which they both consider to be the spot of their first date. The rest, as they say, is history. Mike proposed a little more than a year after that at Gravely Point, Courtney's favorite picnic spot!

We began the shoot at Ben's. The outdoor murals provided some cool graphic backdrops, not to mention the fact that Obama was still prominently displayed which symbolized another level of importance for their story.

Courtney & Mike Engagement-1.jpg
Courtney & Mike Engagement-7.jpg

From there we moved on to the National Arboretum.  I had never been to this place in my 18 years of living in the DC area. I really enjoyed this location and we definitely got some great pictures there. Of course it also helps when you have a beautiful and photogenic couple who is completely at ease and natural in front of the camera!  The images practically made themselves.

Courtney & Mike Engagement-20.jpg

The couple wanted to finish up with something that was a little more traditionally representative of DC, so we headed to the Lincoln memorial for the sunset.

Love this one!

The one below is definitely one of my favorites!

Congratulations once again, Courtney and Mike! I can't wait to be a part of your special day next October!

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